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GftK-international GmbH, vdw Jointing Mortars

Since the foundation of our company in 1971 we are specialized in the development, production, and the sale of high end products in the domain of building chemicals for circulation areas of all kind.

Being the pioneer in the field of development of innovative mortar systems based on epoxy resins, we have set a milestone in 1985 already by introducing the first EP-jointing mortar, vdw 800, designed for a simple, quick, environment-friendly, and long lasting jointing of paved areas.

Due to our experience for many years combined with our permanent development, we are in the position today to offer the appropriate mortar for any application to our clients. Along with that, we are anxious to strengthen our leading position as problem solvers through permanent development in that area.

Since 1991 we offer a system solution for a long lasting, colored coating of circulation areas named COLOROUT, available in many different colors and offering a “built-in” grip in order to contribute to the safety of traffic participants. Until today, COLOROUT has perfectly proven its qualities on many thousand squaremeters of circulation areas.

In our German manufacturing plants in Rheinbach and Erfurt we produce high end products for the world market. Should you need consulting or in case of any questions regarding the application and the use of our products do not hesitate to contact us!

So, what can we do for you ?