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vdw 855 Heavy Duty Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar 2-components (Self-Compacting)

vdw 855

Heavy Duty Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar

self compacting for paving subject to heavy traffic loads

For small format paving with natural stone, concrete block and brick in heavily used or heavily trafficked areas such as roads, trafficked roundabouts, loading areas and town centres, plus market squares, heritag eor historic areas exposed to modern traffic.

  • fast, cost effective and durable jointing
  • can be applied in the rain and lower temperatures
  • easily flow applied
  • self compacting
  • fast opening for traffic
  • clean, stain free surfaces
  • optimum strength correlation
  • limited water permeability
  • highly frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • mechancal sweeper resistant
  • abrasion resistant
  • environmentally friendly
natural (sand)PP-bucket 25 kg855102.825
stone greyPP-bucket 25 kg855103.825
basalt (dark grey)PP-bucket 25 kg855104.825

Application examples


Site requirements:
A stable, load-bearing structure, a water-permeable sub-base an dthe paving layer must all be correctly designed and installed for the anticipated traffic loads. Joint depth: full joint depth of the paving = full height of the setts, joint width: > 10 mm, ambient and object temperature: min. 3°C/37,4° F, max. 25°C/68°F.

A drill with spherical mixing paddles, a hose with spray nozzle, a squeegee and a coconut fibre brush. Uncured material can be removed from the tools with water..

Test area:
On some reconstituted or sensitive natural stone paving, the vdw 855 binder contact can make the stone appear darker or to have a ‘wet look’. Therefore always apply a test area first.

Clean the surface thoroughly of all dirt, cement residues, organic materials or any other possible contaminants including cleaning out all of the joints to the required depth.

Thoroughly pre-wet the surface of the paving.

Pre-mix the vdw855 resin coated aggregate. Then add all of the liquid hardener from the bottle and mix for 3-5 minutes. No water should be added during the mixing process!

Filling the joints:
Apply immediately after mixing and work the self-compacting material thoroughly into the joints using a rubber squegee. If the viscosity of the product diminishes re-moisten by spraying lightly with water from a hose. We recommend working from the highest to the lowest points..

Brushing off / Cleaning:
Remove any excess vdw 855 mortar residue from the area after about 5 min. (immediately at temperatures over 20°C / 68° f) using a damp coconut fibre brush and then spraying lightly with water from a hose at a distance of abt. 25cm. Avoid washing material out of the joints. Avoid washing material out of the joints. Be careful to clean the paved surface towards areas not yet jointed and do not allow any water containing residues to pond, stand, dry out or run-off over completed areas. Finally remove any remaining fine residues, again with a damp coconut fibre brush – do not brush any residual dry material into any unfilled joints. Clean this brush in water frequently.

Anyway, please follow our detailed technical hints for the application of our products which are available free of charge. Subject to technical changes. When in doubt, please contact us. Our general conditions of sale apply.