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vdw 520 EP Aggregate Paving Binder

vdw 520 EP

Aggregate Paving Binder
for light traffic loads

Can be used for tree pit surfacing, block and slab paving borders, area surfacing, lawn edging and spray protection strips.

  • for highly waterpermeable areas
  • trafficable
  • high UV resistance
  • very high resistance to yellowing
  • suitable for damp mineral materials
  • highly suitable for glass chippings
  • wide range of design options
transparent1,25 kg PE-combi bottle520102.812
transparent5,00 kg PE-combi bottle520102.820
transparent300 kg520102.830

Application examples vdw 520

vdw 520 EP Aggregate Binder is designed to make up a no-fines mortar of approx. 40mm layers, when mixed with graded dust-free mineral materials of particle sizes 1–3 mm, 2–4 mm, 2–5 mm, 5–8 mm, 8–11 mm and 8–16 mm. The contents of one unit can bind 25 kg maximum of mineral material (20 kg max. of glass chippings).

Site requirements: For pedestrian areas: A stable and well compacted sand / gravel bed. The depth of vdw 520 EP Aggregate Binder after compaction and finishing should be min. 4 cm. For vehicle traffic: The product must be laid on a concrete or mortar bed. We recommend vdw 470 Cement Based Pervasive Mortar for landscaping or vdw 480 Bedding Compound. The substructure must be designed to accommodate the anticipated loads. The design level, slope and flatness must be guaranteed. Any contaminants must be completely removed.

Tools: Pan mixer, paddle mixer or suitable gravity mixer, mortar bucket, shovel, broom, mortar smoothing and screeding tools.

Preparation: Clean the base compacted sand / gravel / concrete / mortar surfaces, any joint sides and remove any unsound, non-compacted materials and contaminants.

Test area: Due to the variable nature of adjacent materials, changes in appearance such as darkening and / or staining (which may be irreversible) can occur due to contact between natural stone or concrete paving surfaces and the vdw 520 EP Aggregate Binder. Always prepare a test area first, particularly with sensitive materials!

Material preparation: Clean the base compacted sand / gravel / concrete / mortar surfaces, any joint sides and remove any unsound, non-compacted materials and contaminants.

Application: Apply the prepared mortar onto the prepared substrate. Spread and level off to the correct thickness with a suitable screeding batten. Compact and smooth the surface with a trowel.

Curing: Cordon off the freshly applied areas and protect from rain for at least 12 hours (at 20°C). Then the areas can be walked over carefully. They can be fully released to traffic after 7 days. In principle, a strength test should be carried out on the areas before they are put into use.

This information is intended to give advice based on our testing and experience. We cannot guarantee results in any individual circumstances due to the variety of potential situations and the storage and application conditions for our products which are beyond our control. Specific project testing should be carried out where required. The information on this TDS is subject to amendment and the user must ensure they have the latest information. Our General Conditions of Sale and Supply apply.