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vdw 400 plus Cement Based Jointing Mortar Color plus

vdw 400 plus color

Colour Cement Based Jointing Mortar
For light to heavy traffic loads

vdw 400 Plus is a cementitious, polymer modified, rapidly hardening jointing mortar for the jointing of natural and concrete stones. Suitable for indoor and doutdoor applications and for light to heavy traffic loads.

  • non pervasive
  • highly resistant to frost and deicing salt
  • very flowable
  • self compacting
  • suitable for narrow joints wider than 3mm
  • walkable and able to carry loads at an early stage
  • compressive strength abt. 50 N/mm²
  • enviroment-friendly
  • MPA tested!
sandbeigesack 25 kg400003.825
greysack 25 kg400004.825
basaltsack 25 kg400005.825


Steady and bearing underground subsoil, height of joints must equal full height of stones, for pedestrian aread min. 40 mm, joint width min. 3 mm, better 5 mm, max. 25 mm, Object temperature ≥ 5 °C, max. 25 °C.

Rotary drum mixer, better: compulsory mixer, stirring unit suitable for smaller areas, water hose, adjustable spray nozzle, rubber squeegee, scrubber, grout float, tile wash boy, or cleaning machine.

Fix loose stones. Protect gullies and sinks against grout. Clean surface and make sure there are no residues. Clean joints and sides of stones of all loose parts.

Test area:
When jointing natural and concrete stones, there might be optical changes caused by the contact between vdw 400 plus Color and the stone surface, such as color changes and/or stains. We strongly recommend to create a test area first.

Prewet the surface. In case of joitning natural stones with rough surfaces, concrete stones, or sucking cobbles make sure the surface is very well prewetted before application of vdw 400 plus Color. Avoid ponding water in the joints.

Fill abt. 5 - 5,0 L water per 25-kg-sack into a clean drum. Add vdw400 and mix for about 2 minutes until homogenous and ready to use. Wait another 2 minutes and mix again for about 30 seconds.

Pour mortar onto the surface and use a rubber squeegee to spread over the pavement; work intensively into the joints. Make sure the joints are completely filled with mortar. remove any excess mortar with the rubber squeegee.

Attention: Avoid the mortar completely hardening on the stone surface. After sufficient time for hardening, check the firmness of the joints (after abt. 25 min. at 20 °C) clean the surface in diagonal direction by using a machine, scrubber, or spray nozzle without washing out the joints. Finally, clean the stone surface with water and remove any residues. 4-6 hours later, the joint may be walked-on. After abt. 48 hours, it may passed over by light traffic and will be completely hardened after 7 days and may thus be opened for heavy traffic.

Anyway, please follow our detailed technical hints for the application of our products which are available free of charge. Subject to technical changes. When in doubt, please contact us. Our general conditions of sale apply.